Zucchini caviar according to GOST USSR

Squash caviar according to GOST of the USSR was one of the adored types of canned vegetables. It was delicious, it was cheap, you could buy it in virtually any shop. Naturally, this dish was also cooked in family conditions, but the taste was not onl

Thin pancakes with milk

Without thin pancakes in milk, our Maslenitsa is simply unthinkable! Moreover, many people prefer just this option - yeast-free. Which is not surprising, because yeast dough takes a certain time to rise. Unleavened dough cooks much faster (just give

Sweet cake with nuts

Like a real table decoration!

The most delicious cheesecakes

To make cheesecakes tasty and you don’t have to add too much flour or semolina, squeeze the cottage cheese under a press - it should be completely dry.

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