Baked vegetable salad

Delicious salad based on oriental cuisine with spicy honey and coriander dressing.

Sourdough cake from Larisa Solodukhina

Kulich on sourdough is quite different from the traditional one both in appearance and in taste. Similar ones were prepared in many Russian families before the revolution: it turned out something like a more festive version of ordinary wheat bread. W

Salad with watermelon, feta and olives

Refreshing watermelon salad with lime dressing.

Pea soup with smoked meats in a saucepan

If your kitchen is cooking pea soup with smoked meats in a saucepan, there is no doubt that it is inclement cold weather outside the windows, when you especially want a hearty hot meal. Because this first dish is just that: warming, cozy and, of cour

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