Pumpkin salad with feta and pine nuts

This bright salad is already uplifting with its appearance. Pumpkin pairs well with feta and pine nuts.

Fish with orange on skewers

A light refreshing savory dish.

Pozharsky cutlets in Lopatinsky

There are many fire cutlet recipes. And not only recipes that are now invented in the home kitchen, but most importantly - historical recipes published in cookbooks, almanacs and letters. This one, for example, was published in the book by N.A. Lopat

Stuffed chicken rolls with mustard sauce

Stuffed chicken rolls with mustard sauce is an easy dish to prepare, but very original and spectacular. Therefore, if you want to impress your guests, be sure to take note of our recipe. Please note: we do not beat the chicken fillet for rolls with a

Yeast cake
Easter Easter cakes

Yeast cake

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Kulich is a traditional Easter cake. It is necessary to bake Easter cakes with bright, pure thoughts and prayer, then Easter cakes will come out great! I have been baking this recipe for more than one year and it has never let me down, please your lo

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